‘Be free’…

Last year, when I wasnot long returned from travelling overseas for 3 months and was taking our cat to the vet to be weighed (yes, she is on a weight reduction diet, the poor, chunky thing), I came across this artwork:

It’s a nicey composed work, a combination of stencil work for the figure and the text (which reads ‘Be Free’), with playing cards glued to the wall as though the little girl is scattering them to the winds.

I really liked its positioning and execution, and thought that it was one of the most interesting works that had appeared around Melbourne while I had been away. But I also assumed it was a single work.

Yesterday, on an evening when it was too hot to cook, we headed out to eat at a local cafe. On the way, I was delighted to discover another ‘Be Free’, freshly applied to a wall at the corner of Victoria Street and Brunswick Street:

Again, nicely positioned; again, the combination of stencil work with the playing cards to add texture and dimension.

And then this morning, in another suburb, I saw this work:

A different positioned figure this time (and an adult rather than a child), and the composition seems altered to fit the different dimensions of this space, which is at the entrance to a rather drab underpass leading away from a MacDonalds and a brothel – exactly the sort of location that to me needs an exhortation to ‘be free’.

As I came out of the underpass on the other side, I saw the local council ‘Graffiti Clean-Up’ van approaching. I hope that this beautiful work is still there tomorrow…

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  1. Vetti on

    Fingers crossed! So many Be Free pieces around – I photographed a lovely one of the little girl in High St, Northcote recently…

  2. imagestoliveby on

    It’s still there, three days later. Yaay! Looks like the Graffiti Clean-Up van was painting over other walls….

  3. BT Cassidy on

    The “Be Free” pieces have also been appearing over Adelaide- wait until you see the one with the little girl on a swing ditching the cards with the slogan “Be Free”- you can find a most of the be free pieces on facebook in the group “Melbourne street art” they are works of genius composition and a truly original take on the style.

  4. imagestoliveby on

    Hi there
    Thanks for your comment – I will check out Facebook to see more of the pieces. The composition is great, isn’t it!
    Best, and thanks

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