New discoveries…

I’ve seen a paste-up of a delicate and evocative drawing several times around Fitzroy recently:

I didn’t know who the artist was, although it seemed from the drawing that it might be signed ‘Kaff-eine’ (inscribed on the little fox).

Last week, I received one of those emails from WordPress telling me that someone had subscribed to this blog (always nice to hear). The subscriber had a URL, which I clicked on. It turns out that the susbcriber is none other than Kaff-eine, and the link took me to this site, on which you can see lots of examples of Kaff-eine’s work.

So, thanks, Kaff-eine, for subscribing, and thanks also for making such fantastic drawings and paste-ups, which bring the atmosphere of a fairytale or fable into the spaces of the city….

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  1. Kaff-eine on


    Thank you for such kind words, I’m really glad you enjoy my drawings + paste-ups. I’m certainly enjoying creating them. I haven’t been doing street art for very long; I’m quite excited by the possibilities. It has reignited by passion for drawing, after many years away…

  2. imagestoliveby on

    Hi Kaff-eine!
    You’re very welcome. Your drawings are beautiful… Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more around the streets.

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