End of radio silence!

Another long gap between posts…

I have been writing and editing and re-editing my book on street art, law and the city, and, as I have mentioned before, whenever I am immersed in academic writing I find it hard to switch my brain into blogging mode.

I’ve also done a year’s teaching, compressed into the months between April and August.

And I’ve been travelling: I spent 3 months in London (with trips to Paris and Istanbul), and have been back to Berlin recently, and am currently in London. Much of this has involved fieldwork for further research – this time on the uptake of street art in cultural institutions, the art market, architecture, and so on. More on those issues later.

I’ll post some photos from recent trips soon.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my upcoming book, Street Art, Public City: Law, crime and the Urban Imagination.


The publisher, Routledge, like many academic publishers, is bringing out a hardback edition first, with a paperback to follow (in about 8 months). This is kind of frustrating for me, because hardbacks are expensive. So when you click on the link below you will see that the book is pretty pricey. If you feel inspired to order it, you can reduce this hefty price a little by entering the discount pre-order code LAW202013 at the checkout.

I’m excited to see it finally in print; if you read it, I hope you find it interesting.

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  1. lou chamberlin on

    Hi Alison

    I read your email about Street Art, Public City with great interest. i’m looking forward to reading it. as an arts educator, the issues you address are most relevant to current issues.

    we’ve spoken before about street art. last year I self-published photographic documentation of street art in Rio and Melbourne. This year I followed it up with another book of current work in Valparaiso. I have been fortunate that Hardie Grant, through their imprint Explore Australia, have published an updates version of Street Art: Melbourne. In fact, it’s launching next Saturday in Hosier Lane. I’ve attached a flyer, although i know you’re in London and won’t be able to join us. it bears no comparison to the erudition and analysis of your book, but simply celebrates the wonderful work on the walls here.

    i’m extremely envious of your travel and look forward to seeing photos as you post them. i’m just back from NYC and missed Banksy by hours.

    ward regards, lou chamberlin

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