FAME Festival 2011….

It’s been a long time between posts, thanks to the three academic articles I have been writing, and there are other posts I need to put up, but I wanted to post some images from the FAME Festival 2011 in Grottaglie, in Puglia, southern Italy. This is the fourth year running that Angelo Milano has put on Fame, bringing a host of fantastic artists to this tiny town to paint the walls and create artworks for exhibition here. The festival has two components – a gallery exhibition, and a series of walls dotted around the town, which you can walk to with the aid of a map created by Angelo. There are 75 sites in total now, many new for this year, but there are also a good deal of old works from previous years still adorning the walls.

The official opening of the festival is tonight,but I went to last night’s preview in the gallery and took these shots:

And I spent several hours walking around town today, checking out these fantastic works:

I did not even scratch the surface – there are dozens still to see. But that’s for tomorrow: tonight is the official opening party. And here’s a thank you to Angelo for making all this happen.

2 comments so far

  1. bookbabie on

    Wow, great art! I especially like the woman’s face on the crumbling wall and the mural with the animals clinging to the tree:)

  2. Vetti on

    Thanks Alison – fabulous post! Great pictures as always, how lucky you are to have seen this town transformed! So jealous…

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