Bella Italia

Not many posts recently, because I’ve been travelling through Europe. Sometimes there hasn’t been internet access; sometimes it’s just been too much of a holiday to do any blogging….

But here I am in Todi, an amazing hill village in Umbria, and there is wifi in the hotel room, so I thought I would dedicate a post to some of the fantastic street art I have seen so far on my trip.

I spent a couple of days in Venice, which is really one of the most fantastic cities in the world. And it was great to see work by C215, beautifully placed as always, against the fading Venetian stucco:

It’s also good to see that some street artists in Venice use boats to move around while getting up – I love the placement of this Swoon piece too, as though the figures are waiting to catch a vaporetto:

I also spent some time in Padova, which is a university town not far from Venice. There’s a huge amount of art on the walls there. I love it that people are still writing their thoughts on walls (something you don’t see so often in Australian cities like Melbourne these days): political comments, declarations of love, cryptic sayings, and a few words in Latin, too:

I also saw a lot of good stencil work, like this:

And many pieces which made use of the Padova’s gorgeous arcades to frame elegantly drawn figures like these:

I don’t know who the artist is – if anyone does, please let me know, I thought these works were excellent.

I’ll be in Rome soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the walls there…..

5 comments so far

  1. Francesco Rizzi on

    Great stuff: Thanks for sharing! I’ll be grabbing a few of these for reference.
    Here’s one I shot last year in Italy (Genova), which you may like: and

  2. imagestoliveby on

    Hi Francesco, thanks for the link to your photos and for the kind comments. I’m hoping to post some more in a few days – about street art in Rome, I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff in the day I’ve been here…


  3. plasmo on

    The cut up head stencil facing the canal looks like c215’s work, but I can’t be sure. Great post, I liked the graffiti I saw in Venice in 2006. There were a lot of birds on roller doors.

  4. plasmo on

    oops, please delete that – browsed photos before reading the details..

  5. imagestoliveby on

    Thanks for sharing your photos, which are great!

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