Guest post on Vandalog

I’ve been crazy busy teaching an intensive course the last few days, so not much time for posting here.

But I did manage to write a guest post for Vandalog, which is a fantastic blog about street art. RJ, Vandalog’s author, is currently away on holiday and he has asked a range of people to contribute guest posts while he is away.

You can read my contribution here.

And if you’re visiting Vandalog for the first time, it’s definitely worth browsing through it.

Thanks for the invite, RJ! Enjoy your holiday!

And more posts on Images to Live By coming soon, because my intensive teaching finishes in a few days time.

3 comments so far

  1. ankel on

    Great choice of artists to introduce folks to current Melbourne streetart, plus v. well writen. And its very nice to find some words about current Australian street art. I look forward to browsing through this blog now 🙂

  2. Nick C on

    I recently directed & edited a music video for Dave Graney’s title song from his latest album KNOCK YOURSELF OUT which prominently features street art in Hoiser Lane…

  3. imagestoliveby on

    Hi Nick

    Thanks for the comment and the link – great video, it shows some of the best work in Hosier Lane!



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